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  • Tara Palmer

What a Wonderful World?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Yesterday was a lovely Spring day in Minnesota, 55 and sunny. I wandered about enjoying the chance to move and take in the beauty of blossoms on branches, lovely green shoots pressing up from the earth promising to deliver timely tulips, and friends and families laughing.

Today, I woke up and the world had changed. Everything was covered with a dusting of snow, and before long big fluffy flakes danced outside my picture window.

It was clear that the kind of day that today was going to be was dependent on how I decided to look at it. I could resist the return of winter (given that snow and cold are not my favorite) or embrace the magic of the season’s final snowfall.

Today, I decided it was a good day to make the most of what is in front of me.

I made some vegetable soup, and then created a Christmas song playlist. I put on my boots, coat, hat and mittens, and headed out my front door to embrace the serenity of a lone walk amidst snow covered trees, walkways, and bridges.

On my walk, I was reminded of the remarkable beauty that surrounds me even when reality does not line up with my hopes or expectations.

Memories of lovely and challenging times moved through my mind as I listened to songs that have been the backdrop of each year’s holiday season throughout my life. I recalled magical moments and devastating losses- embracing both with gratitude for what they brought and taught me in my life.

Is this crazy talk?

I have been accused more than once of wearing rose-colored glasses.

Personally, I have decided looking through a lens of positivity is not the same as denying reality.

I fully recognize that most of us would have preferred that the weather for this Easter Sunday could have been an extension of yesterday, but the reality is that it is not.

The current weather patterns are in so many ways the least of any of our concern in this present moment. We are being impacted by all the vulnerability, hardship and loss that COVID-19 has and will continue to bring.

What do we do at a time such as this?

Do we focus on the weight of grief and heaviness, or the beauty of the love being shared and the comfort extended? I imagine in so many ways these realities hold hands rather than compete with one another.

I will leave you with the timeless words of Louis Armstrong as he introduces his song, encouraging listeners to embrace their power to make this a Wonderful World through reaching out with their capacity to love.

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