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  • Tara Palmer

Calming Activities to Increase States of Well-being

Updated: May 17, 2020

Many of you have worked to begin understanding the role of the nervous system in feeling safe and well. If you are interested in increasing cues of calm and safe in your system, the list below provides some quality resources you may want to explore.

I would encourage you to be open to trying new things, yet responsive to what your system is telling you. In other words, challenge yourself to explore new resources, but listen if your system says, ‘no thanks,’ or ‘yuck.’ There are many options; no need to force fit anything.

I will be adding to the list a bit at a time.

If you have resources that you find helpful, please message me, and I will gladly share.

Enjoy what you enjoy. 😊


Free Resources

Guided Imagery- Bellaruth Naperstack

Meditation- Headspace

Learning 4-7-8 Breathing Pattern to Bring a Quick Boost of Calm into Your Mind-Body Experience

Resources at a Cost

Safe & Sound Protocol (Integrated Listening Systems)

What is it and how does it work?

Finding a Practitioner to Administer the SSP

Other Helpful Activities:

Martial Arts Yoga Run Lift weights

Paint Color Draw Journal

Hike Garden Kayak

Listen to Music Create Music

Get a Massage Take a Bubble Bath

Spend time with a pet

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