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  • Tara Palmer

Calm in the time of COVID-19

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Consider playing this music in the background while you read today’s post. Perhaps, continue listening while you work at your desk, prepare food, color or draw by yourself or with your kiddos, or take a few minutes to lay down and rest your eyes.

A lot has changed in the past week and a half…

We’ve all been impacted in unique ways by the recent and sudden shifts tied to COVID-19 concerns.

Whatever the personal impact, we find ourselves in uncharted territory. We move through our days with moments of normalcy, and other pockets that feel downright surreal. We find ourselves thinking, Is this really happening?

We have never encountered anything quite like this before, and we’re still trying to get our heads wrapped around what is going on for ourselves, our families, and our local, national, and global communities.

We’re trying to determine where to put our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We might wonder just how concerned we should be about our health, the health of others, our financial well-being, etc. vs. setting aside such worries/concerns and just relaxing into the simple enjoyment of a good Netflix show, engaging a long lost hobby, completing some household tasks we’ve been putting off, or enjoying a game with our family.

You may be uncertain what it looks like to maintain your overall well-being in the context of everything changing so quickly.

In the days ahead, I will be offering a variety of blog posts intended to promote calm, care and connection- inside of each of us, and our relationship experiences. Some posts will invite quiet, contemplative moments to support specific aspects of growth work, some may be silly, playful suggestions for simple enjoyment, and others may offer practical tips and ideas for adjusting to change.

The benefits of caring for the different aspects of ourselves have not gone away in our new context, so we will all want to be considering how we can care for the different ‘parts’ of ourselves and each other. Perhaps now more than ever, we will want to create patterns that support various aspects of our well-being (physical, emotional, social, spiritual, recreational, meaningful work, creative pursuits).

The ideas shared are not intended to be applied as a one-size-fits-all, but simply to get you thinking about what might work well for you and your family.

I will have the privilege of seeing some of you routinely; others I will never meet. I hope regardless of the nature of our connection, you find yourself feeling cared for through Big Calm.

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